The Art of Leadership

What is Leadership

Today I won’t be talking about anything I’ve read or heard but rather something I’ve experienced. Leadership is an art, a science, a feeling as well as an expression. I’ve worked with a few people who have been my leaders all of whom had their downfalls in certain areas. For example, my current “leader” is someone who is always very pleasant, deliberate in all her actions but very self-serving and incompetent in her work and often dishonest in her intent. While it is fine to overlook self-servitude sometimes, it becomes¬†more and more difficult to be able to overlook incompetence and even more so, dishonesty.

My friend who works at a local wedding DJ company seems to have an amazing entrepreneurial leader who is genuine and authentic. Two words that get passed around a lot these days but perhaps worth examining a bit more with respect to leadership.

Being Genuine

The dictionary says that being genuine is actually having the qualities you’re reputed for. This means those qualities could be good or bad. Genuine is being practically honest with others around yourself using your true personality. So when a leader is unhappy about a certain aspect of an employees behaviour, she would be genuine by expressing her emotions in their full extent. Hopefully in a calm and respectful manner.

Being Authentic

The first, and obsolete meaning of authentic is authoritative. The second is one who conforms to the original. What does that mean with respect to a leader? Perhaps one who has authority, or one who “sticks” to their word or what they’ve said they would do. To their original purpose or behaviour.

Genuine & Authentic = ?

Be bold and unafraid, set out what you’ve made up your mind to do. Be true to yourself and the others around you, transparent even if you think it will hurt their feelings because what will hurt more is being lied to. There is no turning back once is you’ve tainted yourself with lies and monstrosity because it leads to lack of respect.

Respect: is it gained or lost? It could be both. I feel like I’ve gained respect amongst some throughout a long period of time. But I’ve also lost all of it in one single day.